What is Slidifier?

Slidifier is a tool for creating simple, informal presentations. Like PowerPoint, only so much simpler! With Slidifier, you simply write what you want to say and it is "slidified" into a working presentation right in your web browser.

How do I use Slidifier?

Write your presentation in the text box (or your favorite text editor) and press "Slidify"!

When your presentation is shown, navigate back and forth with the arrow keys, or simply press the left mouse button. The escape key will exit the presentation and show the text box again.

How do I write for Slidifier?

To separate the content of one slide from a new slide, write three dashes --- on a single line:

			A slide here
			Another slide here!

To make a heading, write a hash sign # in front of the line:

			# Important heading here
			More content here

To make a list of bullet points, use a dash - in front of each point:

			- A bullet point
			- Another bullet point

If you have the url of a picture, insert it with an img-tag:

			<img src="http://your-picture.jpg"/>

To insert computer source code, use two slashes \\ before and after the code:

			public void main() {
				// hardcore computer hacker source here

You can use several hash signs to make lower level headings:

			# Main heading here
			## A smaller heading here
			### See how far you can go!

And you can use several dashes for indented bullet points:

			- A bullet point
			-- Here is an intended bullet
			--- I love indentation!
			-- And even one more
			- A normal bullet

Who made Slidifier?

Slidifier is developed by Holger Ludvigsen and Espen H. Halvorsen. We have a project on Github for those of you who are into that sort of stuff. If you have questions, find a bug, or just want to tell us how awesome we are, tell us at Github or LinkedIn